The crazy world in which we are living has no chill. So to be focused in the path is one of the hardest thing.

All of us having 86400 sec. Per day. And in that some become successful and some not. And here is the game of focus.

And here are only 3 tips which I put down from my bag Or minimum afford you should have to try from today to have better tomorrow:-


Human behavior is the most important aspect of success and achievement.

If you want to distance yourself from the masses and enjoy a unique lifestyle then understand your habits will determine your future”

Your habits really work. Negative habits bring negative consequences and positive habits bring positive rewards.

Developing a successful habits take time . Every successful people don’t flow to top . It takes time and effort . It take focused action and personal descipline and a lot of every day practice to make it possible.

The habits which we develop today is ultimately determine how our future workout.

Every things are our choose , so we have to choose wisely.


The major mistake probably done by everyone is to compare themselves with others .

Comparison kill your inside beauty. Real beauty began when you know who you are. “

This happen in two way firstly people think what other think about themselves and secondly they only think about other instead of they themselves.

Many people have a bad habits of comparing themselves with other . Everyone have to understand that they are different like other dress doesn’t fit you it lose or tight to you . Similarly , it is not possible the handles face by other in there journey of success the same face by you . Everyone different journey and problem so, rather waste your time in listening other story work on your own story .


Compare yourself with who you was yesterday . Not who someone else is today .


More than you know about what to do , it’s more important to know about what not to do. “

Here’s is three counter – intuitive ways to remain focused :-

1. Make fewer judgement. 2.say No to everythings . In fact everyone must learn to say No has a power. 3.learn to have patience.

Patience is very important in once life. To learn and to develop any skill patience is the one which play very important role in life . Learn to have patience.

Patience is a flower which doesn’t grows in everyone’s garden.

Learn the power of No

Both Yes and No has important aspect in our life . But one must learn to say no when he/she mean it .

One must learn to say No even if someone has good idea because sometimes saying No to a good doesn’t mean saying never . It just mean No not right now.

The word No has a power . No is a powerful word that can break the harness of overburden. It can free you from burden you are not ready to carry right now . It can change the situation from bad to good and wrong to right.

It make you understand how to contribute your correct amount of attention and effort to least preferencial things in your life .

You just think about your past experience how sometimes saying No is a right decision Or answer.

Sometimes it’s important to say No to least priority things to say yes to the high priority things in your life.